Gear pumps

EVEREST Rotary gear pumps have been designed to deliver a variety of Fluids of light and viscous material such as oil, fats, coal, tar, paint, molasses etc.
Machined and manufactured to close tolerances, our pumps have effectively performed even when pumping the thickest of cane molasses.
Thousands of Everest gear pumps are in operation in process industries in India and abroad giving optimum performance,serving some of the most demanding applications in industry.


  1. Pumps in cast iron, cast steel, bronze and stainless steel construction.
  2. Gears of steel, Stainless steel and bronze, single helical, double helical or spur gear.
  3. Bearings internal bush on board ball bearing, external ball bearings.
  4. Sealing by gland packing, internal I externally mounted mechanical seal.
  5. Jacketting : Jacketting of casings for all solidifying liquids.
  6. Manufacturing range : 1/2” NB inlet I outlet to 10” NB inlet / outlet.
  7. Capacity range : 500 LPH to 4,00,000 LPH. with pressure up to 25 kg/cm2.
  8. Drives : Choice of directly coupled and reduced speed drives incorporating : a. Geared Motor
    b. Reduction Gear Box.
    c. V Belt or chain drive
    d. AC or DC speed variator for dosing applications
  9. Viscosity : From 5 cps to 2,00,000 cps.